The following page contains several guidelines regarding Cutie Loot. Please read through them carefully, and do NOT share this page outside of the Cutie Loot staff group!


‌✿ 100% original mesh ONLY!
✿ Cutie Loot exclusives must adhere to a kawaii/cute theme.
✿ Items must be NEW and exclusive to the box.
‌✿ Cutie Loot items may NOT be sold in any form until the release of next month’s box. Modified versions of Cutie Loot exclusives (different textures etc.) may be sold after the 8th of the next month at your discretion.
✿ All items must comply with Second Life’s TOS. (no copyrighted material, offensive and/or violent symbols/textures etc.)

And please keep the group notices enabled! They will include important reminders, updates etc.


10th – 13th: Open application for guest designers
14th: Official designer list sent through group
14th – 22nd: Opening payment room
23rd – 6th: Setup
24th – 7th: Cutie Loot opens for pre-orders
8th: Official Cutie Loot release day!

Setup opens from 12 p.m. SLT (noon) on the 22nd till 12 p.m. SLT on the 6th. Cutie Loot will officially be released on the 8th of the month at 12 p.m. SLT as well.


Cutie Loot earnings will be split over the 12 participating designers. Each designer will receive L$120 per in-world sale and L$118 per marketplace sale, meaning that 500 sold boxes will earn each participating designer around L$60,000.

Past Cutie Loot boxes will remain on the Marketplace for a year. You will continue to receive L$114 from past Cutie Loot box earnings until the box gets retired.

In short, you will:
✿ Receive L$120 for every box that is sold in-world.
✿ Receive L$118 for every marketplace sale during pre-order
✿ Receive L$114 for every past sold box until retirement (1 year).

(The difference between earnings is due to the standard SL marketplace commission)

Our current participation fee is L$1000 per month for both regular as well as guest designers.


Regular designers will participate in every round of Cutie Loot for at least 3 months. Guest designers are free to apply for all Cutie Loot rounds. However, this does not guarantee a spot.

You are free to contact Kawaiilian Resident (via notecard) at any given time if you are interested in becoming a regular designer.


Setup kits are sent via the group notices every month. If you do not have a setup kit by the 22nd, please contact Kawaiilian Resident.

Questions, comments and suggestions? Please send them to Kawaiilian Resident!